HVAC - Screw Compressor

The challenge

  • Description of the application: Screw Compressor 75kW
  • Former type of transmission: Standard PL Poly V belt
  • Type of users: Compressor Manufacturers
  • Complaints: Long tension settling operations / Long production lead time

Problems & Consequences

  • Settling operations: To guarantee the correct level of tension to ensure the necessary power transmission. Bad takt time on production lines.
  • Short lifetime: Need to optimize the drive design in order to guarantee the lifetime target.
  • Stock costs: Use of different belts for the whole range of compressors.

Solution & Benefits


  • Quick fitting: PL FleXonic® are self tensioning belts installed on a fixed center distance in record time which optimized the lean manufacturing.
  • Long life belt: Thanks to the FleXonic®, the belt can be used during 20 000 hours.
  • Standardization: One belt length for the whole range could be found , width of the belt adjusted according to power transmitted.